How Snoring Relates to Infertility

One of the main issues with poor sleep is that it invites infertility, especially in males. That means if you are a man who snores every night after he hits the sack, there is a good chance the habit is messing with your fecundity. This is not a sure thing though; researchers are still scrambling to find and gather conclusive evidence. However, it should give you pause to know that many agree there is a correlation between infertility and snoring.

The main finding in a recent study was that men with a regular snoring habit were likely to have their sperm count reduced to seventy percent of maximum potential. This is, of course, is relative to people who manage to get restful, normal sleep every night. The former category could find it more difficult to impregnate their partners. Snoring has long been associated with couples’ troubles conceiving a child; this recent finding only suggests ensuring it is not the main cause of your problem, and if it is, then getting it treated at the soonest.

All men have the testosterone hormone, which gets released into their bodies while they sleep. Total sleep time is an important factor here, in that it relates directly to the testosterone levels. That means poor sleep is bad for the male body and its capacity to make sperm. Consistently disturbed sleep can be very damaging in this regard. Poor sleepers also often experience acute sperm transport problems.

Poor sleep brings a variety of negative impacts to health, such as ebbing a person’s libido by a certain degree, which can be disastrous when it comes to his sex life. Most doctors agree there is an ideal amount of time over which a body must engage in restful sleep, failing which it will be unable to perform to the full. This duration is commonly accepted as seven to nine hours, and sleeping well for that long each day can bring in many benefits, which are not limited to fertility either.

For people who wish to conceive children, it is imperative to ensure that they stop snoring at night. There are many ways to do this, the most effective being the use of the snoring mouth guard recommend by a sleep specialist. After they green light it, you could get a good anti snore mouthpiece from any pharmacy and start using it right away.